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Black Lives Don't Matter to "Face Bloat" Sam Seder, "Fredo" Chris Cuomo, James Corden, Eric Holder, Barack Obama et al.

Virtue-signaling Progressives are out in full-force, going bonkers over George Floyd's demise at the hands of a LEO. After 9/11, we were warned not to judge all Muslims by the same yardstick we measured those who hijacked planes. If a person on Facebook commits a heinous crime & we find out he had a Darwin Fish on his profile, we are lectured not to treat all atheists that way.

When a white guy goes on a rampage w/ a gun, do Progressives judge all gun owners? Barack Obama certainly judged a lot, if not all white folks with the same yardstick he used to judge his white grandmother. Eric Holder regularly talked about "his people", as if his people matter more than white, Hispanic or Asian folks. 

Are we judging all cops by the actions of a few bad apples in a very, very large barrel? "Face Bloat" Sam Seder hasn't gone as far as these protestors (and likely because he wouldn't fare well, he's gained a lot of weight), but he's just as unhinged. He became so intolerable after Donald Trump's election victory that his wife could not put up w/ him anymore. That just hastened the inevitable.

So, if we are to judge all cops & wreck thousands of buildings & business because of a bad cop, then this data may be very uncomfortable for virtue-signaling Progressives like "Fredo" Chris Cuomo. These folks don't really care about black folks #blacklivesdonotmatter #blacklivesmatter unless those black folks can be used as political human shields -- a means to an end. 

In other words, Black Lives Do Not Matter to #facebloat #samseder Chris Cuomo, James Corden (although Corden does love pastries & donuts), Eric Holder, Barack Obama or any other egotistical Progressive who has his head in.... er... the sand. They need to spend some time in Detroit, Baltimore, Wilmington, E. St. Louis, St. Louis -- there's some good black folks living in those cities that could use some help.

That said, let's dig into some uncomfortable data (and I have covered much of this before) & remember -- don't judge all cops by the actions of a few, don't judge all Muslims by the actions of a few, don't judge all Catholic priests by the actions of a few, don't judge all gun owners by the actions of a few, don't judge all black folks by the actions of a few. Now let's sing Kumbaya.

******** [2,784] (3,123) [2,984] (3,150) [3,034] (3,026) [2,905] (2,918) [2,722] (3,036) [2,604] (2,963) [2,459] (2,777) [2,447] (2,630) [2,412] (2,614) [2,245] (2,509) [2,205] (2,488) [2,380] (2,574) [2,570] (2,854) [2,627] (2,861) [2,600] (2,677)




These are ALL single victim/single offender homicides where the race & gender of the assailant is known. This is not even all homicides. Does not include multiple victim/multiple assailant homicides or single victim/multiple offender homicides. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE NOTES ON THESE TABLES!


black on black inside brackets [ ]


white on white inside parentheses ( )


From 2004-2018, 39,144 Black or African-American people were murdered by other Black or African-American people in single victim/single offender homicides. That’s 2,609.6 people per year. #blacklivesmatter #39144


During the same timeframe, 42,200 “White” Americans were murdered by other “White” Americans. That’s an average of 2,813.3 per year.


During full years of the Barack Obama Administration (2010-2016) the average was 2,388.2 per year (blacks/African-Americans killing blacks/African-Americans).


During full years of the Barack Obama Administration (2010-2016) the average was 2,635.142 per year or 18,446 (Whites killing Whites).


Considering that in the 2000 Census, 69.1% was “white alone”, 12.5% were “Hispanic or Latino” & only 12.3% were Black or African American, this data is an eye-opener. In the 2010 Census, “white alone” was 60.4%, “Hispanic or Latino” was 18.3% & “Black or African-American alone” was 13.4%.


2004-18 Blacks/African-Americans kill Whites 522, 516, 573, 566, 504, 454, 447, 448, 431, 409, 446, 500, 533, 576, 514 = 7,439 or 495.933 per year. During full years of the Obama Administration (2010-16) it was 3,214 or 459.142 per year.


2004-18 Whites kill Blacks/African-Americans 228, 230, 208, 245, 230, 209, 218, 193, 193, 189, 187, 229, 243, 264, 234 = 3,300 or 220 per year. During full years of the Obama Administration (2010-16) it was 1,452 or 207.428 per year.

What is the definition of "disproportionate"? When Michelle Obama talked about Barack Obama as a black man -- getting shot going to the gas station, it may have been as truthful as it was a Freudian slip.

One last thing folks, let's end the war on drugs. If there is systemic racism in this country, it's the war on drugs. Millions of non-violent African-American, white, Hispanic & Asian "criminals" are sent to prison because they have a drug problem (or maybe they can deal w/ it). Nobody should be sent to prison for abusing themselves. 

If so, we need to go back to Prohibition, ban gambling, ban all "bad" food, etc. Have a nice day!


Let’s display some more data pertaining to the % of all homicides that are single victim/single offender (more common than any other) & what % (since Progressives screech about it incessantly) feature “multiple victims.” I touched on that briefly here. Some years I could not find data for on the FBI website. [9.6% were “multiple victims”] [10.5% were “multiple victims”] [10%] [10.9%] [11.4%] [11.2%] [9.5%] [11.3%] [11.4%] [11.6%]


For years 2008-2015, 2017-18 the average % of “multiple victim” homicides equaled 10.74%. The vast majority of homicides feature one victim & by far the most common occurrence is “single victim/single offender” as some Progressives are trying to focus on “mass shootings” to get away from the fact that the most common form of homicide in the U.S. is an African-American killing another African-American. It’s very disproportionate.




Now, some Blue Lives Matter data, but first a rant. I’m not a big fan of LEOs/police officers as some might think. Much of my angst is directed towards pols though, who *force* these officers (and some states are more lenient than others) to fight a war on drugs.


Some officers, through LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) fight back against this as they know that this war on drugs does cause a lot of unnecessary violence against police. Don’t criminalize the abuse of oneself then you probably won’t have those folks targeting the police.


The Patriot Act has also caused a lot of problems as it enhanced the war on drugs. I also don’t like cops holding folks on the side of the road for hours after they refuse to have their car searched – so a drug-sniffing canine can be paraded around the vehicle.


That said, if we took those tools away from officers, I think more people would have a view of police – not as authoritarians, but as protectors/friends.


Thankfully, I have never needed a police officer, but if someone tries to kick my door in I will call them (if you don’t like the police, call a hippie for help instead) – which may or may not occur after the intruder is shot.


Let’s look at some data on LEOs being killed by felons. Are fat, internet talk show hosts who drove their wife & kids out of their small apartment like “Face Bloat” Sam Seder squealing incessantly for weeks when an officer is murdered by a gang-banger w/ a mile long rap sheet?


Were Barack Obama and Eric Holder saying “Blue Lives Matter” on a regular basis, urging young black men to finish school, be a man, be a father and cease fathering children they have no intention taking care of.


Was The Evening Snooze regularly pointing out the violence against good LEOs by gang-bangers who have never been a part of the labor force? I highly doubt it. But when a black man is murdered by a LEO, by golly something must be done.


The info I have covered so far in this piece (and my previous fulminations) should tell you they have an agenda & the truth is not invited.


According to the FBI (see here, here, here & here – I am excluding any data from Puerto Rico, Guam & other “outlying areas”) here is the data on LEOs “Feloniously Killed” in the line of duty [number of officers killed in ( )]:


2005 (53), 2006 (46), 2007 (57), 2008 (41), 2009 (46), 2010 (53), 2011 (70), 2012 (43), 2013 (27), 2014 (47), 2015 (37), 2016 (64), 2017 (44), & 2018 (54). That is an average of >48 LEOs per year or 682 police officers feloniously murdered 2005-2018.


You could randomly pick two-month blocks of homicide data from Baltimore & there would be more than 48 gangland homicides, but you won’t see the antique media talking about either of those.


From 2009-2018 (and this may include LEOs in “outlying areas”), 39 LEOs were killed by something other than a firearm. From 2014-18, 53 LEOs were ambushed & murdered. From 2014-18, 11 police officers were murdered responding to a riot, domestic violence or some other disturbance.


In 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 – 274,784 LEOs were assaulted or almost 55,000 per year.


I suppose LEOs are held to a higher standard because they are the watchers, but do Progressives have the same angst towards other government employees? Do they lecture HUD or Medicaid over improper payments, defending the taxpayers that pay for it?


Do they lecture HUD & other GSEs for public housing resembling a train wreck? Do they defend taxpayers w/ the same vigor they attack the police when a gubmint alphabet soup agency wastes billions of dollars?


No, they do not. They like government, think it is the be-all end-all – government employees are made of a finer clay – unless they are the military, police, inspectors general (only applies when they’re auditing a Democrat Administration) or are named Ron Paul. I would expect some consistency from them but the mentally ill are usually only consistent when it comes to hissy fits when one does not get their way.

And pertaining to de-funding the police, if we are going to do that & seek non-government solutions, then can we do the same in education? Can we defund public education? How about de-funding public housing at the federal level, which is completely outside of Congress’ Enumerated Powers?


How about de-funding government bailouts of airports & subsidies for them? How about ending federal involvement in health care, which is also unconstitutional? Allow each state to run its own “Medicaid” program so states like California cannot expand it into oblivion, at the expense of taxpayers in other states?


Just some food for thought.


Lastly, if we de-fund the police & in the unlikely event a few “protestors” decide to ensconce themselves on *my property*, sans my permission & they decide to be standoffish – I won’t call the police before or after I take care of it myself.


I assume The Black Lives Matter agitators still intend on funding County Coroner offices across the fruited plain, yeah?


Justifiable Homicide Data


The killing of a felon by a law enforcement officer in the line of duty or the killing of a felon, during the commission of a felony, by a private citizen.


In the event a figure from an earlier year was corrected in later data, I went w/ the corrected number.


[LEO or police officer: # of felons killed in the line of duty]


(Private citizens: # of felons removed from the gene pool while they commit a felony)


2004 [367] (222) 2005 [347] (196) 2006 [386] (238) 2007 [398] (257) 2008 [378] (265) 2009 [414] (266) 2010 [397] (285) 2011 [404] (270) 2012 [426] (315) 2013 [471] (315) 2014 [453] (286) 2015 [452] (331) 2016 [439] (331) 2017 [443] (369) 2018 [410] (353) Data from 2018 may change at some point, don’t sue me.


From 2004-2018 there were 10,484 justifiable homicides due to hero LEOs or private citizens removing felons from the gene pool. That’s >698 per year. How many murders, rapes, car jackings, armed robberies, etc. were prevented because of these heroes?


As you can see from the data, that last 4 years this has spiked substantially. More & more citizens & LEOs are doing great deeds, removing these criminals from society.


As you can see if you peruse the data here & here, in the vast majority of justifiable homicides (2014-18), the intended victim used a firearm to defend themselves. It’s not surprising that LEOs most often use a firearm for a justifiable homicide, as they’re packing heat. But private citizens used them >83% of the time to defend themselves while committing a justifiable homicide.


Consider if that person did not have a firearm – what would have happened as in many instances a large man doesn’t even need a weapon (aside from personal weapons) if they corner a smaller man or a woman who is not trained to defend themselves.


The result would have likely been much different, instead of a justifiable homicide we would have a homicide on our hands.



Let’s delve into some more data, victim/offender relationship (when know of course) & the type of weapon(s) use to commit the dirty deed. One of the main reasons I am doing this is because of the Progressive obsession w/ mass shootings because then they can screech about “white people” & do not have to focus on the fact that black-on-black homicides are far, far more common.


That would undermine their paradigm that white people suck. Most homicides aren’t a crazy white guy going bonkers from a balcony, shooting strangers indiscriminately. A black person killing a black person that they have some sort of relationship with (father, brother, spouse, ex-drinking buddy from the Rusty Lunchbox, girlfriend) is far more common.


Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?


2004: 66% of all homicides committed w/a firearm – obviously over a third of the time, the offender doesn’t need a firearm. 6.37% used a “rifle” or “shotgun.”


NOTE: I did check later publications w/ multiple years of data to see if there were any corrections in the previous totals that would affect my data. This applies to the % of homicides where a “firearm” is used, as well as rifles & shotguns.


42.9% of homicide victims (relationship is that of victim to offender) were “family” or “other known.”


2005: 67.87% of homicides were committed w/ a firearm. 6.45% of all homicides were committed w/ a “rifle” or “shotgun.”


40.83% of all homicides were “Family” or “other known” (using the same categories from the 2004 report), leaving 59.17% of homicides as “Stranger” or “unknown.”


Please keep in mind that all those “unknown” relationships could have a link between the offender & the victim, we will probably never know. The assailant made sure of that by covering their tracks.


I would wager a higher % of those homicides were committed by someone who knew their victim, rather than a random gangland homicide or someone having a bad day & killing the first poor sap that sauntered along.

2006: 67.77% used a firearm. 6.15% rifle or shotgun. 42.26% of homicides were “Family” or “other known.”


2007: 67.9% used a firearm, 6.1% rifle or shotgun. 40.85% of homicides were family/other known.


2008: 66.98% used a firearm, 5.77% used a rifle or shotgun. 43.51% of homicides were family/other known.


2009: 66.89% used a firearm, 5.62% rifle or shotgun. 43.81% of homicides were family/other known.


2010: 67.41% used a firearm, 5.56% rifle or shotgun. 43.52% of homicides were family/other known categories (excluding “stranger” & “unknown”).


2011: 67.62% used a firearm, 5.42% rifle or shotgun. 44.18% of homicides were family/other known.


2012: 69.03% used a firearm, 4.71% rifle or shotgun. 42.7% of homicides were family/other known.


2013: 68.99% used a firearm, 4.83% rifle or shotgun. 44.07% of homicides were family/other known.


2014: 67.74% used a firearm, 4.25% rifle or shotgun. 42.97% of homicides were family/other known.


2015: 71.11% used a firearm, 3.85% rifle or shotgun. 41.97% of homicides were family/other known.


2016: 72.81% used a firearm, 4.18% rifle or shotgun. Could not find the data, sorry!


2017: 72.43% used a firearm, 4.3% rifle or shotgun. 40.33% of homicides were family/other known.


2018: 72.68% used a firearm, 3.76% rifle or shotgun. 40.63% of homicides were family/other known.


From 2004-2018, 68.882% of all homicides were committed where a firearm did the dirty deed. About a third of the time, the assailant uses a knife, crowbar, some other object or personal weapons to commit the crime. They did not need a gun. In the same time frame, 5.154% of all homicides were committed w/a rifle or shotgun.


This is important as Progressive Dumocrats want to disarm law-abiding folks like myself & one of their axioms is to screech about “assault rifles.”


However, so-called “assault rifles” & shotguns are a very small percentage of all homicides, handguns kill a lot more in a given year, but how much ink do they spill over an AR-15 or a Sig Sauer MCX?


If I were to disarm Mr. & Mrs. America (ala Dianne Feinstein), I would take away all handguns. Most hoodlums & gangland homicides are commissioned by a thug using a handgun, not an assault rifle.


From 2004-2018 (missing data for 2016), 42.466% of all homicides had a victim/offender relationship of “family” or “other known.”


Concerning homicides where we know the relationship of the victim to the assailant (or lack thereof, excluding “unknown”), from 2004-18, [76.83%, 74.55%, 76.88, 75.89, 77.98, 78.09, 77.79, 79.07, 77.78, 80.82, 78.82, 80.42, NO DATA, 80.59 & 80.47%] 78.284% of all homicides were committed by a family member or someone else that had a relationship w/ them (acquaintance, co-worker, neighbor, etc.).


This is different from a complete stranger losing his marbles & shooting up a crowd or a mall because he’s mad that rich people have private jets & other folks only have a drug addiction & fatherless children running wild in the hood.


Again, please note that “unknown” comprises a large portion of those, if only 25% of those were “family/other known” then by far the most common form of homicide would be someone murdering a person they have some sort of relationship with – not a crackpot opening fire from a balcony killing strangers indiscriminately.


Again, single victim/single offender homicides where the assailant know their victim are more common than mass shootings & you will have a boatload more black on black homicides in the inner-city in one month than “multiple victim” homicides in a year.


Some carnival barkers like “Face Bloat” Sam Seder & the dingbats at Ring of Fire, as well as MSNBC & other Progressive/collectivist talking heads will go bonkers over a mass killing because it sells more papers & is sexier (in a journalistic malpractice sort of way) than a black gangbanger shooting or curb stomping a rival in an alley behind the beer joint in E. St. Louis.

Follow up that dovetails w/ the above posted here.